Why Us

My name is Jac, creator of Stress Straws.  Like so many of us, I struggle with stress and anxiety. When I was younger, I turned to drugs and alcohol to manage these emotions. After joining a recovery program, I was introduced to meditation, but it felt impossible due to my overwhelming thoughts. This was until I discovered the power and benefits of a breath work technique called straw breathing.

By using a straw as a daily reminder and mental anchor, I can become more aware and focus only on my breathing rather than my thinking. Straw breathing helps me take proper long and slow deep breaths that activate my parasympathetic nervous system helping me remain calmed and relaxed throughout my day. Using a straw as a deep breathing tool became essential to my daily meditation and mindfulness practice, but plastic straws easily broke while metal pendants were too expensive and heavy.

This is when I had the idea to try and use bamboo reusable straws from my coffee cart business I had to close due to COVID-19. While bamboo is incredibly strong, it is also very delicate to cut and drill. After months of prototyping and testing, we finally had our patent pending design for Stress Straws. Not only would my mindful breathing necklaces make mindfulness and meditation breathing exercises easier, but would be an all-natural, sustainable, and affordable way to help everyone overcome stress and anxiety. Straw breathing easily and quickly allows you to experience the same benefits of yogic pranayama breathing anytime and anywhere you need it. It is now my mission to help introduce mindful breathing to the world using Stress Straws. Thank you and happy breathing, Jac.