A Complete Guide to Straw Breathing

Straw breathing makes mindful breathing exercises easier by slowing and extending your exhale. Taking a proper deep breath with an elongated exhale has been shown to have many beneficial impacts on physical and mental health. During straw breathing, a plastic, bamboo or metal tube is used as a tool to restrict airflow to slow yourContinue reading “A Complete Guide to Straw Breathing”

A Complete Guide to Mindful Breathing

What Is Mindful Breathing? We are always breathing, yet rarely do we stop and pay attention or notice this vital life force. However, research shows that our lives can be significantly improved through breath work exercises. Implementation of various mindful deep breathing exercises can help manage different types of health-related issues such as depression, anxiety,Continue reading “A Complete Guide to Mindful Breathing”

5 Senses Meditation or Sensory Meditation

Meditation means different things to different individuals. Some do it to be happy, others to improve their concentration, health, energy level, and peacefulness. In the course, some love it and others struggle with it. No matter which group you fall into, you can definitely get better at meditation with practice and experience its benefits withContinue reading “5 Senses Meditation or Sensory Meditation”