Why Does My Stress Straw Whistle?

Stress Straws are designed to be whisper quiet. A subtle whistling undertone is a sign of blowing rather than exhaling. With proper breath control and placement, your Stress Straw should no longer whistle.
1) Do NOT purse your lips or clench your teeth. Insert round end of Stress Straw between FLAT lightly closed lips and a relaxed jaw.
2) Let stress straw dangle from your lips pointing in a slightly downwards direction or try holding with your hand pointing to the side.
3) Increase your rate of exhalation. Too slow of air flow can result in pressure difference creating a whistling undertone. Increase exhalation rate by taking a bigger and deeper inhalation and having a proper length of exhale be 8-12 seconds.

Sizing details

Each Stress Straw pendant is approximately 2 inches long. Stress Straws are made by nature and therefore diameters, lengths, colors and imperfections may vary. Each Stress Straws comes on a 24 inch long black 1mm waxed biodegradable cotton cord. To adjust the cord length, cut the knot and tie at the desired length around your neck. Cut off excess string.

Care instructions

Easy to clean with soap and water using a Q-tip.

Gift wrapping and packaging

Each Stress Straw comes in a drawstring travel/storage bag. Our 3-pack necklace set comes inside a sealed plastic bag shipped in a padded envelope. Stress Straws make a perfect stocking stuffer or Get Well, Anniversary, Holiday, Birthday or Thinking Of You present. They are the perfect gift to yourself, family, friends, coworkers, grandparents, children, teenagers, spouses, friends, siblings or neighbors!

Are Stress Straws A Whistle?

Stress Straws are not a whistle. They are designed to only produce the natural whooshing noise of air flow allowing you to concentrate on your exhale by using the sound of your breath. Stress Straws do not produce any loud or high-pitched noise making them perfect for work or in public.

How Do Stress Straws Work?

Stress Straws help reduce stress and anxiety by extending your exhalation to instantly overcome the unconscious biological “fight or flight” response constantly engaged by today’s endless barrage of news, social media and politics. Slowing and extending your breath using Stress Straws for diaphragmatic deep breathing exercises has the effect of stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to create the feelings of calm and relaxation. When you take intentional and proper deep slow breaths, your body tricks the brain that there must not be any real danger and signals your vagus nerve that you can relax.

What Do Stress Straws Do?

Stress Straws are a happiness hack that use simple science to help provide everyone effective and all-natural stress and anxiety relief by extending your exhale to quickly overcome the “fight or flight” response. While most of us understand the simple science of breathwork and benefits of taking a deep breath, we forget or don’t know how to control our exhale. Most of us are too busy or distracted to even notice our shallow breathing habits. Stress Straws are that reminder that teaches and forces you to breathe slower and longer.

How Long Until I Notice Benefits?

Stress Straws work if you work them. You may start feeling calmer on your first use in as quickly as 3 breaths. We recommend a 10 second exhale repeated 5 to 10 times during stressful events. Use throughout the day or only during times of need. Visit our Youtube Channel, Instagram or Facebook account for helpful breathing techniques.

What proof does Stress Straws have?

Deep breathing exercises are a proven method of relaxation with YouTube videos, articles, studies, and blog posts all confirming the benefits and power of straw breathing. Google “straw breathing benefits” to find out more.

Why does my Stress Straw have an odor/taste?

Our bamboo breathing straws should have a neutral taste and odorless scent. Upon arrival, Stress Straws may initially have the smell and taste of sandalwood. This is a side effect of using all-natural products without harsh cleaning chemicals. Most people like this aroma and flavor, but we have some suggestions if you find it unpleasant.
1) Use your Stress Straw! Any scent or taste should dissipate within a week.
2) Boil clean.
Boil cleaning instructions: Boil 1 cup of water and carefully insert Stress Straw. Boil for 2 minutes. Carefully remove Stress Straw and vigorously scrub inside of the straw with a cotton swab. Boil straw for another 2 minutes. Carefully remove and STAND STRAW STRIGHT UP ON PAPER TOWEL to dry for 24-48 hours.