Straw Breathing For Anxiety

Straw Breathing For Anxiety: Breath Counting

Straw Breathing For Anxiety. 

Benefit: A 2005 series of papers found evidence that breathing exercises could help manage anxiety and depression.

Technique: Breath Counting.

Uses: To help calm and quiet the mind by counting breathing cycles. 

Step 1) Place straw between closed flat lips.

Step 2) Inhale deeply through the nose.

Step 3) Gently exhale through the straw until lungs are empty.

Step 4) Pause and count this as breathing cycle “one”.

Step 5) Repeat for ten breathing cycles counting each cycle…  

TIP: To prevent whistling noise and blowing, do NOT  purse lips around straw.

TIP: Stay focused and keep track of the breathing cycle  number. Start over if you forget which number you are on.