Straw Breathing For Chronic Pain

Straw Breathing For Chronic Pain: Body Scan Breathing

Benefit: A 2012 article suggests, “that the way of breathing decisively influences autonomic and pain processing.”

Technique: Body Scan Breathing.

Uses: To connect the mind and body through breath awareness.   

Step 1. Place straw between closed flat lips. 

Step 2. Comfortably sit up tall or lie down. 

Step 3. Inhale through the nose and start scanning the body.  

Step 4. Slowly exhale through the straw noticing how each part of the body feels.  

Step 5. Repeat this breathing cycle as you slowly scan and relax each part of the body.   

TIP: Move your awareness from the feet to the legs, stomach, back, shoulders, hands, arms, neck and head.   

TIP: Stop and acknowledge any sensations within the body and try to release any tension through deep breaths.