Straw Breathing For Creativity

Straw Breathing For Creativity : Visualization Breathing.

Benefit. “Mindfulness supports the skills associated with creativity, and research findings suggest that high levels of self-reported mindfulness correlate to creative practices.”

Technique. Visualization Breathing.

Uses. To increase creativity by visualizing images from nature such as light, water, earth, sky and mountains.

Step 1. Place straw between closed flat lips and close your eyes.

Step 2. Inhale deeply through the nose while picturing a scene from nature.

Step 3. Gently exhale through the straw while visualizing this image.

Step 4. Repeat this breathing cycle creating more details with each breath.

TIP. Add vivid and specific details to your image such as a cabin in the woods, the horizon and colors of a sun rise and set, the smell of the ocean and the sound of a waterfall.

TIP. You can visualize your thoughts as the clouds passing in the sky or your emotions as the weather on a mountain.

Thank you and happy breathing from Stress Straws.