Straw Breathing For Mental Health

Straw Breathing For Mental Health- Focused/ Rythmic Breathing

Straw Breathing For Mental Health.

Benefit: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says deep breathing, “can be especially  helpful to Veterans and civilians who‘ve experienced traumatic events.”

Technique: Focused Breathing. 

Uses: To bring awareness to your breath to help aid in the treatment of  psychological conditions such as depression, trauma, anger, OCD, ASD and ADHD. 

Step 1) Place straw between closed flat lips.

Step 2) Inhale deeply through the nose. 

Step 3) Pause and hold for a count of 3. 

Step 4) Gently exhale through straw until lungs are empty.

Step 5) Pause and hold for a count of 3. 

Step 6) Repeat this breathing cycle until calm. 

TIP: Focus and become aware of the  stillness during the two pauses. 

TIP: Use a count length of  equal pauses most comfortable  and natural for you.