Straw Breathing For Mindfulness

Straw Breathing For Mindfulness: Sensory Awareness Breathing or 5 Senses Breathing.

Benefit. According to a study in the Journal of Neurophysiology, “paying attention to our breath may activate regions of our brain associated with emotion, attention and awareness.”

Technique. Sensory Awareness Breathing or 5 Senses Breathing.

Uses. To increase awareness by paying attention to our each of our 5 senses.

 Step 1. Place straw between closed flat lips.

Step 2. Inhale deeply through the nose paying attention only the physical sensation of touch.

Step 3. Gently exhale through the straw until lungs are empty focusing only on 5 things you can feel.

Step 4. Repeat this breathing cycle paying attention only to the sense of sound and focusing on 5 things you can hear.

Step 5. Repeat for 5 things you can see, 5 things you can smell and 5 things you can taste.

TIP. Become aware and observe how each of your five senses relate to your breathing.

TIP. If your mind wanders, return to the sensation of each sense as a point of focus. 

Thank you and happy breathing from Stress Straws.