Straw Breathing For Productivity

Straw Breathing For Productivity- Fire Breathing

Benefit. A 2014 study on fast breathing techniques determined the positive “effects on executive function of manipulation in auditory working memory, central neural processing and sensory-motor performance.”

Technique. Breath of Fire Breathing.     

Uses. To help you become more energized and focused to improve concentration.   

Step 1. Place straw between closed flat lips. 

Step 2. Inhale and exhale rapidly through the mouth using the straw. 

Step 3. Do this rapid mouth breathing for as long as comfortable up to 1 minute. 

Step 4. Breathe normally without the straw before repeating this cycle until alert.  

TIP. Try contracting your abdominal muscles while exhaling.  

TIP. This rapid breathing rhythm is similar to panting like a dog.