Straw Breathing For Restlessness

Straw Breathing For Restlessness: Mindful Walking Breathing.

Benefit. According to a recent study, walking may help in reducing symptoms of anxiety when combined with meditation.

Technique. Mindful Walking Breathing.

Uses. To use the sensations of movement as an anchor for your attention while walking.

Step 1. Place straw between closed flat lips.

Step 2. Inhale deeply through the nose while slowly taking one step forward.

Step 3. Pause and notice the sensations of your feet touching the ground.

Step 4. Gently exhale through straw while slowly taking another step forward.

Step 5. Pause and focus on the movements of your body as your feet leave the ground.

Step 6. Repeat this breathing cycle for 10 steps. Turn for another 10 steps.

TIP. Always pay attention to your surroundings and take slow and careful steps in an open area with enough open space so not to trip or fall.

Thank you and happy breathing from Stress Straws.