Straw Breathing For Stress

Straw Breathing For Stress Relief: Extended/ Prolonged Exhale

According to a 2017 study, “the use of deep breathing techniques has led to an effective improvement in the management of stress in daily life
Technique: 2-to-1 Breathing.
Uses: To overcome the “fight or flight” response activated when stressed.
Step 1) Place straw between closed flat lips.
Step 2) Inhale deeply through the nose….
Step 3) Gently exhale through the straw until lungs are empty….
Step 4) Repeat this breathing cycle until calm…..
TIP. If necessary, place tip of tongue on straw end in mouth to inhale only through the nose.
TIP. Aim for an 8-12 second exhale that is twice as long as your inhale.
Thank you for watching and happy breathing.