Straw Breathing For Stretching

Straw Breathing For Stretching: Asana Breathing.

Benefit. “When done in a slow and focused manner, an extended stretching routine can be an excellent relaxation method and stress reducer.”

Technique. Asana Breathing.

Uses. To align your breathing with various types of stretches or yoga poses.

Step 1. Place straw between closed flat lips.

Step 2. Inhale deeply through the nose when entering a stretch.

Step 3. Pause and the gently exhale through the straw as you hold the pose for 8-12 seconds.

Step 4. Repeat this breathing cycle twice for each pose.

TIP. Inhale during lifting or opening poses and exhale whenever twisting or bending.

TIP. Remove straw and breathe normally if feeling lightheaded, dizzy or shortness of breath.

Thank you and happy breathing from Stress Straws.